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I don’t know why all the other boys haven’t got the message yet, I only love one man. Everyone else quite literally disgusts me(romantically speaking). So you can all maybe not send me weird messages on my birthday, ffs, I don’t even know you.

This is a passive aggressive tumblr post. Get over it.

No, Dalton’s friends really have no sense of irony. One of his friends just posted a status about how annoying it is when people post passive aggressive statuses about other people instead of saying it to their face. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that she didn’t send a private message to all the people she is passive aggressively calling out in that status, but ok, she did say it is sometimes acceptable(this is not, however, her first passive aggressive status). But then it turns into a discussion about how terrible social media is and how it’s ruining America. Where is this wonderful sharing of ideas taking place? On Facebook, of course.

I mean, she’s a pretty cool girl but she has such a distinct lack of self-awareness and that’s one flaw that really gets under my skin. I’ll forgive a lot if you say “yeah, I’m doing this and I know that it’s bad/silly/etc. but I’m doing it anyway”. Can’t deal with people who don’t know or aren’t honest about their actions/intentions.

I just feel like all throughout high school and college I was surrounded by thoughtful, intelligent, and attractive young women, did they just not exist at Dalton’s high school, other than Hope? Did he find the one intelligent and pretty girl, get her to date him, and then nosedive that plane straight into the ground for someone who writes passive aggressive Facebook stasuses about people who make passive aggressive Facebook statuses? What a moron.

Tagged: I get paranoid that anna somehow found my blogand will read thisand I care because she is a pleasant personI'm not trying to attack hershe just has the one flaw I can't stand sorry

My Rant for the Day…

Sometimes when I’m pissed off I go on her facebook and try to find more reasons to hate her. They’re always there, without fail. She posts shitty pictures on the daily, I think. There’s something on her wall about the traits of a “real man” and I read it and scoffed dismissively and was about to go about my day when I noticed something else.

She likes this page “She’s a Homewrecker”, which apparently is a really weird website where you can post pictures of the women who your SO cheated with and call them out by name. I have no idea why anyone would like that in any case, but I mean…does no one in Dalton’s life have a sense of irony? “You can’t travel internationally and still be bigoted” “Why would Hope be snippy about me taking you to [some dance], I have a boyfriend!” “Man, I sure do hate women who flirt with taken men”. I’d like to introduce you all to some self awareness. You are bigoted. You cheated on your boyfriend with Dalton and Hope’s not an idiot. You actively pursued someone in a relationship. Get yourselves together.

Tagged: Almost all of Dalton's female friends are so self absorbedbecause Dalton didn't befriend them for their personalityI think if I met Dalton in high school I might have hated him

When I get a text

I always kind of hope that it’s going to be “I know sorry doesn’t do shit for you. I’m being an asshole. I’ll stop now”. But it’s always “sorry (hug) (hug) (hug), I love you, don’t be mad at me as I continue doing what upsets you”.

I mean I fuck up in equal measure, but I don’t pretend I can make it ok with “sorry, I love you” repeated ad naseum.


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My degree is in a box of random stuff buried in my closet. Dalton’s is proudly displayed on the wall above his desk in a fancy frame his parents got him for graduation. The message isn’t subtle.

For all the congrats I did receive, guess who never congratulated me? Dalton’s mom was super excited that I got into grad school and all my own mom said was “how are you going to pay for it?”. 

Tagged: they also got him a car for graduationI mean I got a new laptopI'm not ungratefulbut he got a means of transportation and my means of transportation can be taken away on a whima car is a huge gift but I just want to maybe buy the CRV?

Oh hey look, it’s Dalton

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shakethatforshady said: I told Matthew for you but apparently he already knew????? All I got out of him was a ” yup “

Lol I guess mom told him. Or Facebook.

Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has,
But it takes a lonely one to wish that she had never dreamt at all.
Oh look now, there you go with hope again
But I’ll be sure your secrets safe with me.
Oh, you’re so sure I’ll be leaving in the end
You’re treating me like I’m already gone.

[But I’m not I will stay where you are always, I will stay]

— Carve Your Heart Out Yourself by Dashboard Confessional